Tiny Wireless Speaker

Of all the iPhone features Apple has upgraded over the years—from the camera to the screen to the software—the built-in speaker remains disappointing at best. A good pair of headphones solves that problem, but so does Scosche’s new BoomCanMS Portable Speaker, a tiny Bluetooth boombox that secures itself to modern iPhones through the MagSafe connection on the back.

It’s not that Apple doesn’t care about how good the iPhone’s built-in speakers sound. The speaker on the iPhone 13 sounds much better than it did on the original model released back in 2007. It’s just that how a speaker sounds is completely dependent on how much air it can move, and the tiny speaker on a smartphone will never be able to compete with the speakers you’ll find on even hockey puck-sized smart speakers, let alone the speakers that come with a home theater surround sound kit.

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