4019961-E2 Citrix – Netscaler ELA 2 1MO BRONZE MNT ADC MPX 22060 PLATFORM UPG FROM ADC MPX


SKU: 4019961-E2
Brand: Citrix – Netscaler
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SKU: 4019961-E2
Brand: Citrix - Netscaler
Condition: Used
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Citrix Bronze Maintenance – 1 Month Upgrade – Service – Technical – Parts – Electronic and Physical Service 22060 PLATFORM UPG FROM ADC MPX Citrix Appliance Maintenance provides technical support from the Citrix experts to diagnose and resolve issues encountered with your appliance, the latest software upgrades and replacement of malfunctioning appliances to minimize downtime at your organization. Read More > Product Type: Service | Provided Support: Debugging | Software Update | Training | Parts Replacement | Diagnosis | Service Duration: 1 Month | Service Type: Technical | Brand Name: Citrix Height :0 inches|Width :0 inches|Length :0 inches|Shipping Weight :0 pounds|Pallet Quantity :0